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Silvia L M is a writer, award winning songwriter, and editor of more than 70 novels, and a play. Learn more


Songs & Poetry

"Urla Immense Prive di Voce" 2000

"Dimmelo" 1999

"Perdo Me" 1999

"Come un Fanciullo" 1999

"Farfalla Imprudente" 1999

"Limite" 1998

"Diversa" 1997

"Jugoslavia" 1991

"La slitta di Natale" 1991


Plays, Short Novels & Fairy Tales

Diario di una ragazza, (unfinished). 

A teenage girl is diagnosed cancer and writes her diary to keep herself alive. c. 1995 

"L'Asino Intelligente," satirical fairy tale inspired by the Ovid's Metamorphoses. c. 1995

Adaptation of the german fairy tale "Snow-White and Rose-Red," collected by Brothers Grimm. 1989

Il Banchetto di Zeus, play for three actors, based on the ancient Greek religion. Written and performed in 1988. 

Non-Fiction & Children Books

Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp (POP-UPS), curated by Grace Rhys and Silvia Ricciardello, RSMediaItalia 2015. ISBN_978-60-50-35098-2

H. Burnett, Frances, Editha's Burglar (POP-UPS). ISBN_978-60-50-35152-1

H.Burnett, Frances, The Secret Garden, RSMediaItalia d.e. 2015. ISBN 978-60-50-34774-6

H.Burnett, Frances, The Secret Garden (POP-UPS), RSMediaItalia d.e. 2015. ISBN_978-60-50-34894-1 

Gordon, Elizabeth, Bird Children (POP-UPS). ISBN_978-60-50-35284-9

Gordon, Elizabeth, Flower Children (POP-UPs). ISBN_978-60-50-35353-2

Tempo Labirinto, RSMediaItalia 2014. ISBN 978-60-50-33199-8

Il curioso caso David Fincher, RSMediaItalia 2014. 



Twain, Mark, Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn. ISBN 978-1-326-57142-9

Wilde, Oscar, A Woman Of No Importance. ISBN 978-60-50-33464-7

Mérimée, Colomba (French English Ed.). ISBN 978-60-50-33906-2

Mérimée, Colomba (Illustrated Ed.). ISBN 978-60-50-33779-2

Gautier, Théophile, Émaux et Camées. ISBN 978-60-50-34243-7

Huysmans, Joris Karl, Controcorrente. ISBN 978-60-50-33960-4

Huysmans, Joris Karl, Marthe, Le Drageoir aux Épices et Autres Nouvelles

Dumas, Alexandre, I Borgia. ISBN  978-60-50-33919-2 

Fournier, Alain, Le Grand Meaulnes-Il Grande Meaulnes. ISBN 978-60-50-34080-8

Verne, Jules, Le Tour du Monde en Quatre Vingt Jours-Il Giro del Mondo in Ottanta Giorni. ISBN 978-60-50-33747-1

(Libro nel Libro), Wilde, Oscar, Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray; Huysmans, Joris Karl, Controcorrente. ISBN 978-60-50-34230-7

Nerval, Gérard, Le Figlie del Fuoco Selezione di Novelle. ISBN 978-60-50-34015-0

Nerval, Gérard, Silvia Sylvie. ISBN 978-60-50-34003-7

Anonimo, Poema de Mío Cid. ISBN 978-60-50-33453-1

Shakespeare, William, Shakespeare's Sonnets. ISBN 978-60-50-34357-1

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Stendhal, Il Rosso e il Nero. 978-60-50-33934-5

Stendhal, Le Rouge et le Noir. ISBN 978-60-50-33833-1

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Anonimo, Vita e Avventure di Lazarillo De Tormes (Edizione Critica). ISBN 978-60-50-33895-9

Redi, Francesco, Bacco in Toscana. ISBN_978-60-50-35566-6

Austen, Jane, L'Abbazia di Northanger. ISBN_978-60-50-37472-8

Austen, Jane, Orgoglio e Pregiudizio. ISBN_978-60-50-35706-6

Austen, Jane, Pride and Prejudice. ISBN_978-60-50-35608-3

Austen, Jane, Sense and Sensibility. ISBN_978-60-50-35755-4

Mansfield, Katherine, Bliss. ISBN_978-60-50-35-923-7

Mansfield, Katherine, Bliss and other Stories. ISBN_978-60-50-35983-1

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Somerset Maugham, William, Of Human Bondage. ISBN 978-60-50-34720-3

Bunyan, John, The Pilgrims Progress. ISBN_978-60-50-36366-1

Gibran, Kahlil, The Prophet 

H G Wells, The Time Machine

H G Wells, The Soul of a Bishop

Sir Besant, Walter, The Revolt of Man

James, Henry, The Portrait of a Lady

Silvia Licciardello Millepied the day of her graduation at La Sapienza University of Rome, in Italy.


Silvia L. Millepied was born on April 8 1981 at Garibaldi General Hospital in Teramo, and grew up in Castelli, near Teramo (TE) and Belpasso (CT) in Italy.

Her father, Concetto, is a sculptor and former art teacher, and her mother, Antonina, works as secretary at school.  Silvia L. Millepied also has three younger sister, Daniela, Sonia and Gisella.

The young Silvia grew up surrounded by books, music and artcrafts.

Silvia wanted to be a performer ans a writer from an early age. 

She was very much attracted by words, and wrote her first song at the age of six - a piano song about the sea - followed by many songs she performed also at school.

She wrote her first play at just eleven – a play based on the ancient Greek religion, performed with her sisters. She had her own theater at home, and her sisters were very pleased to be part of the "company". Silvia started a novel, never finished, in which a teenage girl is diagnosed with cancer, and writes a diary in order to keep herself alive. 

In the summer of the next year she performed at school as lead singer and made an adaptation of the german fairy tale "Snow-White and Rose-Red", collected by Brothers Grimm, always with her sisters. 

In 1991, moved by the violence of the Yugoslav Wars, Silvia wrote "Jugoslavia," a song dedicated to Pope John Paul II. The song was one of the finalists at Castrocaro Music Festival, in 1995. Two years later Silvia L. Millepied was awarded the first prize at Lennon Festival, with the song "Diversa."

Silvia also wrote poetry, but most of the poems were adapted to be performed as songs. She started a collaboration with other young musicians and they performed also with Audio Due, and won a rock contest in Turin called "Pagella Rock". They recorded an EP, but never signed a contract; Silvia was the only one with a formal registration at the SIAE, the Italian copyright collecting agency. 

Silvia studied at Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna, La Sapienza University of Rome and HarvardX. Also she lived various years in Milan, one year in London (UK), and in 2015 followed Benjamin Millepied in Paris.

In 2014 Silvia founded RSMediaItalia, her own publishing house, along with a literary magazine called "Astrid Magazine," in honour of HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium.

 Honours & Awards 

Pagella Rock "Best Rock Band" 2000

Lennon Festival "Best Original Song" 1997

Coming Events

New Editions Res Stuoenda with an Introduction by Silvia Licciardello Millepied.

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Current Projects

The Italian Translation of Sylvie by Gérard de Nerval.

The Madman by Kahlil Gibran

The Garden of the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Spirits Rebellious by Kahlil Gibran


The website of the publishing house RSMediaItalia has been redesigned. The name has been put more in evidence, and changed for Res Stupenda, to help the future growth of the Group. In the next few years the Group will expand in other countries, to help the distribution of the books worldwide, and not just in digital edition.

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Gibran's New Edition with an Introduction by Silvia Licciardello Millepied

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Gibran's New Edition with an Introduction by Silvia Licciardello Millepied

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran:

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Henry James's most celebrated masterpiece, edited with an Introduction by Silvia L Millepied

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Henry James's most celebrated masterpiece, edited with an Introduction by Silvia L Millepied

The Portrait of a Lady, Edited with an Introduction by Silvia Licciardello Millepied

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Sir Walter Besant's dystopian Novel about the war of sexes

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Sir Walter Besant's dystopian Novel about the war of sexes

The Revolt of a Man by Sir Walter Besant (1882)

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