About Silvia


Silvia Licciardello was born on 8th April 1981 at Giuseppe Mazzini Hospital in Teramo, and grew up in Castelli (TE) and Belpasso (CT) in Italy.

Her father, Concetto, was a sculptor and teacher at the College of Arts of Catania, and her mother, Antonina, works as applied secretarial at school. She has got three younger sisters: Daniela, Sonia and Gisella.

The young Silvia grew up surrounded by books, art and music, and wanted to be an artist from an early age.


She wrote her first songs and fairy tales in 1987 at the age of six – the first song was about the sea and a tempest, played at the piano. The fairy tales were little stories based on the most famous children stories collected by Andersen, Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

Silvia Licciardello studied piano and composition, but was more interested in the process of writing her songs, than the formal study of a piano class. She was immersed in the study of Italian grammar and literature. Always checking on the dictionary and thesaurus every word, at ten she had a huge and impressive vocabulary for a child.

The beginning

At just eleven, she wrote her first play, performed at home, with the curtains of the bedroom adjusted as theater, with her sisters Daniela e Sonia – about the myths and the genre of metamorphosis poetry, inspired by the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, with dances and songs.

Due to the success of the play, the summer after, they performed a play based on Snow-White and Rose-Red from the Brothers Grimm collection. Her mother rewarded Silvia Licciardello with an annual subscription to the theater.

That summer, inspired by Ovid and Shakespeare she wrote a satirical fable – about a group of animals and the intelligence of their hero, the donkey.

First recognition

At twelve Silvia Licciardello wrote her first novel, the diary of a teenager diagnosed with cancer. Shocked by the Yugoslav Wars she wrote a song, dedicated to Pope Giovanni Paolo II.

At thirteen she wrote several songs, and sent the first EP to the Castrocaro Music Festival and was invited to perform one of the songs at the final stage of the competition. That year, after an exam of composition, she was included by the SIAE in the list of the authors and songwriters.

Silvia opening the concert of the Italian pop band Stadio in Catania, with her group of friends.

At sixteen Silvia Licciardello won the 3rd Lennon Festival (CT) with the song “Diversa”.


She wrote poetry, also in English, and songs for an award-winning rock band founded with a group of friends. They won the Pagella Rock contest in Turin.

After the opening of the concert of the pop band Stadio in Catania, the entertainment agency Musica E Suoni by Sebastiano La Ferlita, decided to organize a dinner with Carmen Consoli and the band, interested in the mainstream market of the group, but Silvia Licciardello, still underage, was unable to attend or sign a contract, due to the controversy with the father and personal struggles with the band.

This problem caused the breakup and dissolution of the group, because of the conflicting interests of the older people involved in the project.


Silvia left home at eighteen for Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna. Bologna was the capital of culture and a big opportunity for writers, authors, journalists, artists and musicians, coming from all over Europe and abroad.

Silvia Licciardello starred in a short film by Agnese Cavalli for La Bottega founded by the Italian singer-songwriter Giovanni Lindo Ferretti.

Silvia wipes the tears of laughter, reading the book of the poet and philosopher Peppe Cavallari in Tuscany.
Letter of the author director Gabriele del Grande, after a discussion about a dream.


After four years in Bologna, Silvia Licciardello moved to La Sapienza University of Rome.


Her course included a year in London, where she shared an apartment with two friends and a couple from Poland.

Letter written by Max Capaldo at his departure from London in 2008. From Silvia’s private archive.

While working in London, Silvia Licciardello was personally invited by the Italian actor Pino Insegno to enroll to his acting school in Rome, Teatron, but Silvia was determined to receive the B.A. from La Sapienza University first, and declined the proposal.


Two days after the B.A. ceremony in Rome, Silvia Licciardello moved to Milan and worked in a series of jobs, including modelling for Showroom Baldan Shoes in Via Montenapoleone, and started a collaboration with several photographers.

Silvia Licciardello attended to an acting class at the CTA of Milan, but was unable to find a job due to the crisis in Milan, and was ready to move to New York City or Los Angeles. During this period, in 2012, she started the plotting of a novel, which caused her to come back to her roots, and the earliest interests in literature.

At the end of 2014 she founded RSMediaItalia, an independent publishing house specialized in literary fiction.



In 2015 Silvia Licciardello moved to Paris to support the dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, after two years of long-distance relationship. In 2016 immediately after the officialization of the relationship between the two, Natalie Portman, scared by the rumors about the real father of her son, Aaron Shinn, found a way, with a friend or a donor, to get pregnant a second time.

Since then, she tries to manipulate the media and gain the support of the family with the invented story of the daughter. Benjamin Millepied is not the father of both the children.


In 2017 Silvia Licciardello decided to work also as translator, to upgrade her experience with her own company.